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Extragalactic survey using GALEX–spitzer matching fields

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Astronomy Letters

Source : Astronomy Letters, vol. 41, pp. 704–711, 2015

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Physics

Year : 2015

Abstract : We have used Spitzer observations of galaxies in the ELAIS-N1 region centered at 16h10m01s, +54◦30{textasciiacutex}36˝ to extend the effective sensitivity of GALEX UV observations of the same region. Spitzer is more sensitive to external galaxies than GALEX and we have searched for UV sources at the positions of galaxies in the Spitzer catalog. This has allowed us to extend the sensitivity of the GALEX instrument to 27th magnitude. We have compared the derived number counts of galaxies in the two GALEX bands to standard models of galaxy evolution finding good agreement.The total contribution of these galaxies to the UV background is about 40 photons cm−2 sr−1 s−1 {AA}−1, in agreement with previous determinations.

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Lakshmi S. Bose, Narayanankutty Karuppath, N. V. Sujatha, and Jayant Murthy, “Extragalactic survey using GALEX–spitzer matching fields”, Astronomy Letters, vol. 41, pp. 704–711, 2015

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