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Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction: A Comparison between Banks and NBFCs

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research

Source : International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, Volume 15, p.163 - 171 (2017)

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Commerce and Management

Year : 2017

Abstract : Service is back bone of banking and financial industry especially for their business development and customer satisfaction. Due to the increasing importance of the service sector in the economy, the measurement of service quality became important. Based on delivery of great service we must get customers' satisfaction and we can change their attitude always for being with good confidence level of banking and non-banking financial companies. Without the customer satisfaction, Banks and NBFCs cannot survive in their business. Number of other desirable behavioural outcomes, recent years have incensed a flurry of research exploring the interrelationship between service of the bank and NBFCs employees, satisfaction and behavioural result output. 1) Introduction Banks and Non-Banking Financial industries are the major service industry in India. Customer service is the first and best in all the manner. Satisfying the customers is the main purpose of every business, but it is generally found that the customers are not satisfied with the existing banks and NBFCs facilities and services normally. Customer service in the banks was not up to the mark if compare with NBFCs. Hence, necessary steps are being taken to improve the banking system to suit the changing requirement of the customers. All these issues can be addressed by implementation of the right type of technology for the right purpose. The focus on the use of computerization has refused the predominance of its applications from business orientation to customer orientation. It has facilitated the banks to reach to their customers without the physical presence. Computer resources provide anywhere and anytime services. Further, the various committees established by RBI over the year with customer service recommended banks offer excellent customized service and to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers. Indian banking industry has a dynamic and complex environment. Increasing development of commercial banks and improvements in the kind and way services have been offered, increasing expansion of financial and credential institutions and organs to provide financial and non-financial services, and increasing development of technology in banking industry offers a competitive and special environment to any organization. It requires that an active organization in the banking industry of the country pays more attention to customer satisfaction. This goal will not be achieved without localized models and indicators through which one can make sure of customer satisfaction. However, appropriate studies have not been done to realize the dimensions of service quality. Therefore, the ability of banks and NBFCs to continue and survive in the market depends on their ability to respond to the requirements of change and interact with the output of it. As the customers' needs and wishes are shaped and formed in the light of their economic, social and civilisation conditions, there is a close relationship between the banks' ability to continue and survive and their ability to produce services that fit in with the increasing and changing needs of the customers. Hence, service organizations, especially banks, work hard to find effective ways to counter external changes to survive and they enhance their effectiveness by means of activating their services and creating and developing new ones. 2) Service Level Service quality has become ever more important to improving customer satisfaction in the banks and non-banking financial companies. They specially know that customer satisfaction is one of the most vital factors that contribute in establishment reputation and credit. Customer complaint about long queues, poor service delivery and deficiency physical facilities direct effect on the level of service quality in these sectors. They are in our country represent part of the Indian banking and financial sector. Various strategies are formulated to retain the customer and the key of it is to increase the service quality level.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. T. G. Manoharan, Manikandan, K., and Manivel, S., “Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction: A Comparison between Banks and NBFCs”, International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, vol. 15, pp. 163 - 171, 2017.

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