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Feasibility of integrated solar photovoltaic pico‐pumped storage self‐sustained system for multi‐storey building in India

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Energy Storage

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2024

Abstract : This study explores the potential of utilizing a pico‐pumped storage system (PPSH) as an energy storage solution to enhance the integration of renewable energy sources in a multi‐story building. The study seeks to evaluate the system's ability to fulfil the energy requirements of a part of a multi‐storey building, considering factors such as cost‐effectiveness, longevity, and environmental impact. Basic relationships are used to model both floating solar PV systems and pumped storage systems in MATLAB. An algorithm based on linear programming is used to generate the optimal schedule, while a particle swarm optimization‐based algorithm is employed for the optimal design of the proposed system. In order to analyze the economic feasibility, the levelized cost of solar energy and the levelized cost of stored energy are estimated. An optimally sized floating solar PV integrated pico pumped storage system with an optimal operating strategy can perform technically. However, due to practical limitations, the system's dimensions cannot accommodate real‐world storage requirements. When levelized costs are considered, a pico‐pumped storage system becomes less appealing than battery storage systems, particularly if a new storage tank is to be constructed. Compared to battery storage systems, pumped storage systems have a lower energy density, which requires more space and height, especially in buildings. Pumped storage systems, on the other hand, have a longer lifespan and a lower environmental impact. Overall, the proposed system, along with an optimal scheduling algorithm, provides a long‐term solution for energy storage, aligning with the growing global emphasis on lowering carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy sources. Although there may be a high initial investment requirement and a restricted storage capacity, the sustained advantages of energy independence and a diminished carbon footprint render it an appealing option for environmentally conscious communities and green buildings.

Cite this Research Publication : Shyam Balachandran, Kanakasabapathy Ponnusamy, Feasibility of integrated solar photovoltaic pico‐pumped storage self‐sustained system for multi‐storey building in India, Energy Storage, 2024.

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