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Gender and the Migrant Experience of Seeking Healthcare

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Taylor & Francis Group

Source : An exploration using narrative analysis. India Migration Report

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Medicine

Year : 2021

Abstract : Migration and health research is a complex issue, and scholars from multiple disciplines have engaged with various dimensions of this problem. While such exercises have been carried out, the least examined dimension is the influence of gender on migrant health. The collective effect of gender and migration on healthcare seeking is complex in nature because of the intersections of gender and migration on health. Gender and migrant status are overlapping vulnerabilities. Both of these have demonstrated adverse outcomes on health status in general. However, the manner in which these play out when both identities overlap is difficult to disentangle. This exercise aims to draw out the specific characteristics of gender and migrant status that affect healthcare utilisation in a specific context.

Cite this Research Publication : Ramanathan M, Thomas SC, George T. (2022). Gender and the migrant experience of seeking healthcare: An exploration using narrative analysis. India Migration Report 2021. 1st Edition Routledge India. eBook ISBN 9781003287667.

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