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Growth and Yield Response of Cowpea to Multiaction Bioinoculants

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Agricultural Research Communication Centre

Source : Agricultural Research Communication Centre

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Agricultural Sciences

Year : 2016

Abstract : Studies were taken up to estimate the morpho-physiological changes in cowpea due to a multiaction bioinoculants (TagTeam) as seed treatment. Seed treatment with TagTeam @ 8.1g/kg showed significant increase in plant height, root length and number of nodules as compared to control. Physiological parameters such as leaf area, total dry matter accumulation, photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll index were also found higher in seed treatment with TagTeam @ 8.1g/kg. Co-inocultion of Rhizobium and Penicillium (TagTeam) @ 8.1g/kg enhanced the uptake of NPK in cowpea. Available NPK was found non significant with initial soil sample and found maximum with control and lower content in TagTeam seed treatment @ 8.1g/kg. Seed treatment with TagTeam @ 8.1g/kg increased the yield by 13.36 per cent over control and improved yield components and seed protein content in cowpea.

Cite this Research Publication : Jidhu Vaishnavi, S. and P. Jeyakumar.Growth and yield response of cowpea to multiaction bioinoculants.2016. Agricultural Research Communication Centre

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