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2017 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI) (2017)


Decoding, diagonal, Encoding, Error correction, Error correction codes, Error detection, error statistics, grouped diagonal Hamming parities, Hamming codes, horizontal Hamming parities, Horizontal-vertical parity, Informatics, memories, Monte Carlo methods, parity, parity check codes, radiation hardening (electronics), Reliability, Single Error Correction code, Soft error detection, soft errors, vertical Hamming parities


External radiations create soft errors which are turning into an undeniable critical issue. Customarily, Single Error Correction (SEC) code which can detect and correct 1-bit error per memory word is used to rectify soft errors. As errors turn out to be more common, the SEC methodology becomes inefficient. In this paper, Horizontal-Vertical Parity and Diagonal Hamming (HVPDH) method is proposed for detection of up to 8-bit errors and correction of 1-bit error, all combinations of 2-bit errors and most combinations of 3, 4 and 5-bit errors for memories. The aim here is to incorporate an encoder and decoder which will be effective in detecting and correcting errors. The encoder and decoder use three parity sets, namely horizontal, vertical and grouped diagonal Hamming parities. As per the analysis, higher code rate is achieved by using HVPDH method in memories when compared to the existing methods.


cited By 0; Conference of 7th International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics, ICCCI 2017 ; Conference Date: 5 January 2017 Through 7 January 2017; Conference Code:132680

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P. Raha, M. Vinodhini, and Dr. N.S. Murty, “Horizontal-vertical parity and diagonal hamming based soft error detection and correction for memories”, in 2017 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), 2017.