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Implementation of Child Safety Alert System in Automobiles

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : IEEE

Source : IEEE Explore

Url :

ISBN : DOI: 10.1109/GCAT52182.2021.9587764

Keywords : Arduino, GSM, Temperature Sensor, PIR sensor, Smoke sensor, Flame sensor

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electronics and Communication

Year : 2021

Abstract : Every year lot of children are passing away due to hyperthermia and coronary heart strokes. This is happening because the children are left inside the car unknowingly. Many incidents of such cases are increasing rapidly in the past few decades. These incidents are recognized as the automobile injuries and for this a research has been done to know more about the fat situations of the surroundings of such instances. By the research it is known that there are two elements which made the kids more liable to hyperthermia when compared to adults. A systematic rationalization about how this can be appeared that the children are left unknowingly by their parents in the vehicle can be identified with working memory, it builds up the pressure obstruction and impends to a particular interest. In past two years, 16 children of these cases in Italy and 53 children of these cases in US of infant hyperthermia because of abandonment in vehicles were perceived. These discoveries propose that instructive bundles and writing for guardians concerning auto insurance should incorporate such data about these threats of the heart stress, in fact such actions are unknowingly happened and not intentionally done. In triumph over these issues a prototype has been proposed by means of the child safety alert system.

Cite this Research Publication : @INPROCEEDINGS{9587764, author={Srinavya, Eeda and Bhaswitha, Maddula and Vineeth, S Siva and Priya, B K}, booktitle={2021 2nd Global Conference for Advancement in Technology (GCAT)}, title={Implementation of Child Safety Alert System in Automobiles}, year={2021}, volume={}, number={}, pages={1-6}, doi={10.1109/GCAT52182.2021.9587764}}

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