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Investigation of the Tribological Characteristics of Aluminum 6061-Reinforced Titanium Carbide Metal Matrix Composites

Publication Type : Research Article

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Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical

Year : 2021

Abstract : The current trend in the materials engineering sector is to develop newer materials that can replace the existing materials in various engineering sectors in order to be more and more efficient. Therefore, the present research work is aimed at fabricating and determining the physical, mechanical, and dry sliding wear properties of titanium carbide (TiC)-reinforced aluminum alloy (Al6061) metal matrix composites (MMCs). For the study, the Al6061-TiC microparticle-reinforced composites were fabricated via the liquid metallurgy route through the stir casting method, where the reinforcement of the TiC particles into the Al6061 alloy matrix was added in the range of 0 to 8.0 wt.%, i.e., in the steps of 2.0 wt.%. The synthesis procedure followed the investigation of the various mechanical properties of Al6061-TiC MMCs, such as the density and structure, as well as mechanical and dry wear experimentation. The tests performed on the casted Al6061, as well as its TiC composites, were in harmony with ASTM standards. As per the experimental outcome, it can be confirmed that the increase in the weight percentage of TiC into the Al6061 alloy substantially increases the density, hardness, and tensile strength, at the expense of the percentage of elongation. In addition, the dry wear experiments, performed on a pin-on-disc tribometer, showed that the Al6061-TiC MMCs have superior wear-resistance properties, as compared to those of pure Al6061 alloy. Furthermore, optical micrograph (OM), powdered X-ray diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) analyses were employed for the developed Al6061-TiC MMCs before and after the fracture and wear test studies. From the overall analysis of the results, it can be observed that the Al6061-TiC composite material with higher TiC reinforcement displays superior mechanical characteristics.

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