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Investigation on Air Pollutant Data Sets using Data Mining Tool

Publisher : 2nd International Conference on I-SMAC (IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud)

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2018

Abstract : Today a biggest threat to the entire ecosystem especially living beings is Air Pollution. As, air pollution is transfer of pure air into impure ones by the mix of effluents, poisonous gases, Particulate Matter (PM2.5, PM10,..), etc,.. This has resulted in the adverse effect on environment, respiratory disorders, heart diseases, reproductive system, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, increase in mortality rates etc., Hence the need of the hour is to add smartness in the detection and analysis of air pollution in our surroundings, so that precautionary measure would be taken by an individual to avoid risks of the adverse effect of air pollution on the health of a human in particular. Main aim of this paper is analyzing the proportionality of pollutant in the air based on the-time-of the day and day-of-the-week. Also estimate the effect of various environmental parameters like temperature, wind speed, and humidity on various pollutants like NO, NO2, CO, PM10, and SO2 This is estimated using the WEKA tool to analyze the air pollution data sets collected from the pollution control board.

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