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Lnc-EPB41-Protein Interactions Associated with Congenital Pouch Colon

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Biomolecules. 2018 Sep 17;8(3)

Source : Biomolecules. 2018 Sep 17;8(3)

Url :

Keywords : congenital pouch colon; long non coding RNA; microscale thermophoresis; protein interaction; whole exome sequencing.

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Biotechnology

Department : biotechnology

Year : 2018

Abstract : Congenital Pouch Colon (CPC) is a rare anorectal anomaly common to northwestern India, specifically Rajasthan. Despite efforts to understand the clinical genetic makeup of CPC, no attempt on identifying non-coding RNAs was done. We have earlier reported CPC's rare variants from whole exome sequencing (WES) across 18 affected samples in a total of 64 subjects. A Smith⁻Waterman algorithm was used to infer a couple of lncRNAs from WES samples of CPC with predictions from the Noncode database. Further screening and quantification using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), we ascertained interactions using Micro Scale Thermophoresis (MST). We report the role of lnc-EPB41-1-1 shown to be promiscuously interacting with KIF13A substantiating their role in regulation.

Cite this Research Publication : Gupta S, Gupta N, Tiwari P, Menon S, Mathur P, Kothari SL, Nallapeta S, Medicherla KM, Suravajhala P. Lnc-EPB41-Protein Interactions Associated with Congenital Pouch Colon. Biomolecules. 2018 Sep 17;8(3).

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