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Lytics broadcasting system: A novel approach to disseminate bacteriophages for disinfection and biogenic hydrogen sulphide removal tested in synthetic sewage

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Results Eng

Source : Results Eng. 13, 100314.

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Keywords : BacteriophageBiogenic H2SDisinfectionLytics broadcasting systemWastewater

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Biotechnology

Department : biotechnology

Year : 2022

Abstract : Owing to their selective nature, bacteriophages are prospective in targeted wastewater disinfection. Other potential applications include the removal of biogenic malodour and the mitigation of corrosion in sewerage pipelines. Nevertheless, its applications are ridden with challenges, the most prominent of which is scaling up. Towards that end, effective methodologies are required for dispersing phages into wastewater. The study describes a device arbitrarily named Lytics Broadcasting System. In principle, the device contains phages that can be continuously dispersed into wastewater. The modified version is called Bacteriophage Amplification Reactor, which operates with both phages and their respective hosts, ensuring continual production and dissemination of phages. Both prototypes utilize 0.22 μm cellulose membranes as an interface through which phage diffuse passively and selectively owing to its smaller size and established through membrane-overlay method. In the study, previously reported bacteriophage φPh_Se01 and Salmonella enterica were used. A reduction of 3–4 log was achieved with both the prototypes after 48 h of operation in 1 L of augmented synthetic sewage. Subsequently, the biogenic H2S produced by Salmonella enterica was reduced by 64–74% indicating its utility for targeted disinfection and malodour mitigation of wastewater. This study aims to provide a framework for the development of scalable prototypes of Lytic Broadcasting Systems for real-world wastewater applications.

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