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Market Clearing Mechanism Considering Congestion under Deregulated Power System

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Procedia Computer Science

Source : Procedia Computer Science, Volume 143, p.686 - 693 (2018)

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Keywords : Congestion management, deregulated power system, Poolco market

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Year : 2018

Abstract : Deregulation in power industry involves restructuring of rules and regulations, set up by the government. The new scenario is brought into practice mainly as a result of privatization, together with the encouragement of innovation of new technology. These factors are expected to reduce the cost of electrical energy. Deregulation creates a platform called as power market where electricity is traded as a commodity. The power market can be single buyer, bilateral or poolco model. Under single buyer model, the market is cleared in a pool by conducting single sided auction among suppliers, for each time slot, for a predicted demand. Bilateral model allows suppliers and buyers to enter into contract for an amount of power during a time period. Under poolco model, the market is cleared by performing double sided auction that involves both suppliers and buyers. Once the market is cleared, market clearing price, in-merit suppliers and buyers with their allotted power, power flow through transmission line between areas are determined. However, the scheduling of power is not coordinated with transmission planning. This results in transmission congestion. One of the methods to negate congestion is to split the market at the predicted congestion bottleneck. This paper presents a real time market clearing hardware model that accepts auction data and clears the market considering transmission congestion. The proposed model uses raspberry pi board that performs market clearing based on offers and bids accepted from a created webpage. The transmission congestion is managed by splitting the market at the predicted congestion bottleneck. The effectiveness of the proposed model is tested on three area deregulated power system.

Cite this Research Publication : Lekshmi R. R., S. Swathy, B. Lakshmi, N. Vamsi Sai, and V. Suraj Vijaykumar, “Market Clearing Mechanism Considering Congestion under Deregulated Power System”, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 143, pp. 686 - 693, 2018.

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