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Marriage in people with epilepsy: A compelling theme for psycho-behavioral research.

Publisher : Seizure

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Neurology

Year : 2018

Abstract : pPeople with epilepsy frequently experience problems in marriage including reduced marital prospects, poor marital outcomes and diminished quality of married life. Conversely, marriage might impact epilepsy self-management and quality of life in people with epilepsy. There is little in published literature on marriage and epilepsy, so there is a need for psycho-behavioral research. Here, we focus on arranged marriages which, although now rare in western cultures, are widely prevalent in South Asian communities. Arranged marriages, in which families rather than individuals choose marital partners, are particularly problematic because epilepsy is frequently hidden during marital negotiations as well as later. From the psycho-behavioral perspective, marital prospects, outcomes and satisfaction should be examined in relation to the type of marriage (arranged vs. love) and whether or not epilepsy is hidden. Additionally, culturally-relevant tools to appraise marital quality and epilepsy self-management within marriage should be developed. The main objective should be to develop a multi-sectorial action plan with interventions at several different levels involving different stakeholders to mitigate stigma associated with epilepsy in matrimony./p

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