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Journal Article


SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, ACM, Volume 43, Number 4, New York, NY, USA, p.53–62 (2016)



Industry Adoption, Model Driven Software Performance Engineering, Performance Modeling, Shift Left Development


Performance model solvers and simulation engines have been around for more than two decades. Yet, performance modeling has not received wide acceptance in the software industry, unlike pervasion of modeling and simulation tools in other industries. This paper explores underlying causes and looks at challenges that need to be overcome to increase utility of performance modeling, in order to make critical decisions on software based products and services. Multiple real-world case studies and examples are included to highlight our viewpoints on performance engineering. Finally, we conclude with some possible directions the performance modeling community could take, for better predictive capabilities required for industrial use.

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M. Nambiar, Kattepur, A., Bhaskaran, G., Singhal, R., and Duttagupta, S., “Model Driven Software Performance Engineering: Current Challenges and Way Ahead”, SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, vol. 43, pp. 53–62, 2016.