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Modeling and optimizing properties of nanoclay-nitrile rubber composites using box-behnken design

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Rubber Chemistry and Technology

Source : Rubber Chemistry and Technology, Volume 84, Issue 4, p.455-473 (2011)

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Keywords : Box-Behnken design, Butadiene, Contour plot, Cyanides, Design, Design of experiments, Di-cumyl peroxides, Elongation at break, Heat aging, Launch vehicles, Layered silicate, Mechanical behavior, Mechanical properties, Nano clays, Nanoclay loadings, Nanocomposites, Optimal performance, Optimization, Oxygen permeation, Polymer blends, Regression equation, Response surface, Rubber composite, Satellite launch vehicles, Silica, Silica content, Silicates, Tensile strength

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Center : Center for Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green Technologies

Department : Chemical

Year : 2011

Abstract : pThe mechanical behavior of acrylonitrile butadiene copolymer (NBR)-organomodified layered silicate (nanoclay) was modeled using design of experiments approach. A Box-Behnken design with three factors and three levels was used to model the relationship between properties of NBR nanocomposites and the ingredients. The factors considered in the design were silica content, nanoclay loading, and dicumyl peroxide content. The nanocomposites were evaluated for tensile strength, modulus, elongation at break, oxygen permeation rate, and effect of oil and heat aging on mechanical properties. Regression equations were generated to model the properties of interest and generate response surfaces and contour plots. The predicted properties of the nanocomposites were in good agreement with the experimental results. The contour plots were overlaid within the applied constraints to identify the combination of factor ranges that gives the optimal performance of the nanocomposites for application as control system bladders in satellite launch vehicles./p

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Meera Balachandran, Bhagawan, S. Sa, and Muraleekrishnan, Rb, “Modeling and optimizing properties of nanoclay-nitrile rubber composites using box-behnken design”, Rubber Chemistry and Technology, vol. 84, no. 4, pp. 455-473, 2011.

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