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Multi-modal secure healthcare data dissemination framework using blockchain in IoMT

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (2021)

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Year : 2021

Abstract : Blockchain technology can solve current interoperability challenges in health information systems and provide the technical standard which ensures a secure sharing of electronic health data between individuals, healthcare providers, medical care institutions, and medical experts. In healthcare management, IoMT devices can deliver real-time sensory data from patients to be analyzed and processed. In IoMT devices within a range of product areas, the confidentiality of patients’ health data transmission and privacy is still a big problem. In this paper, the Multi-Modal Secure Data Dissemination Framework (MMSDDF) has been proposed based on blockchain in IoMT for secure patient data access and control. To meet the optimized security and privacy requirements of healthcare data management in IoMT devices, the proposed framework is effectively employed. Blockchain’s key has been used to a healthcare application network where the patient’s health data can create warnings that are significant to authenticated healthcare providers securely. The simulation outcomes show that the suggested MMSDDF method achieves a high accuracy ratio of 95.8%, a prediction ratio of 92.3%, less delay of 0.48 s, latency range of 0.5, and response time of 1.5% to other existing methods.

Cite this Research Publication : D. Rajakumar Arul, Al-Otaibi, Y. D., Alnumay, W. S., Tariq, U., Shoaib, U., and Piran, M. D. Jalil, “Multi-modal secure healthcare data dissemination framework using blockchain in IoMT”, Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 2021.

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