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Nanofibrous Polydioxanone Depots for Prolonged Intraperitoneal Paclitaxel Delivery.

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Publisher : Curr Drug Deliv

Source : Curr Drug Deliv (2019)

Campus : Kochi

School : Center for Nanosciences

Center : Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine Move, Nanosciences

Department : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Year : 2019

Abstract : BACKGROUND: chemodrug delivery to the tumor site is a prerequisite to maintain its localised therapeutic concentrations for the effective treatment of malignant solid tumors.

OBJECTIVE: The current study aims to develop implantable polymeric depots through conventional electrospinningmfor sustained drug delivery, specifically to peritoneum.

METHODS: Non-woven electrospun mats were fabricated by simple electrospinning of Polydioxanone solution loaded with the chemodrug, Paclitaxel. The implants were subjected to analysis of morphology, mechanical properties, degradation and drug release in phosphate buffer and patient derived peritoneal drain fluid samples. In vivo studies were conducted by surgical knotting of these implants to peritoneal wall of healthy mice.

RESULTS: Non-woven electrospun mats with a thickness of 0.65±0.07mm, weighing ~ 20 mg were fabricated by electrospinning 15w/v% polymer loaded with 10w/w% drug. These implants possessing good mechanical integrity showed a drug entrapment efficiency of 87.82±2.54 %. In vitro drug release studies in phosphate buffer showed a sustained profile for ~4 weeks with a burst of 10% of total drug content whereas, this amounted to ˃60% in patient samples. Mice implanted with these depots remained healthy during the study period. The biphasic drug release profile obtained in vivo showed a slow trend, with peritoneal lavage and tissues retaining good drug concentrations for a sustained period .CONCLUSION: The results indicate that non-woven electrospun mats developed from biodegradable Polydioxanone polymer can serve as ideal candidates for easily implantable drug depots to address the challenges of peritoneal metastasis in ovarian cancer.

Cite this Research Publication : S. Padmakumar and Dr. Deepthy Menon, “Nanofibrous Polydioxanone Depots for Prolonged Intraperitoneal Paclitaxel Delivery.”, Curr Drug Deliv, 2019.

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