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Novel Mathematical Model for Traffic Signal System Using Adaptive Queue Length Model

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Publisher : ICSIE - 2021


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Keywords : Adaptive Traffic Signal Control, Adaptive Queue Length, Fixed-Cycle Traffic-Light, Poisson's Distribution, Vanetmodel

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Engineering

Center : Amrita Innovation & Research

Department : Electronics and Communication

Verified : Yes

Year : 2021

Abstract : In the present day traffic signal system, the time cycle is fixed which causes congestion most of times. Research works carried out in this subject area so far focused on finding good estimate for the delay experienced by vehicles. In this paper, a novel technique based on adaptive queue length is proposed that will help to dynamically switch the traffic depending on the traffic situation and helps to reduce the congestions and ensures smooth traffic flow. Congestion problems at the intersection point can be minimized using the proposed method in which traffic signals can adaptively switch traffic lights according to the prevailing scenario. Mathematical analysis is carried out to determine the number of vehicles arrive at the junction which will be used for switching of traffic signals according to the traffic. For the determination of arrival rate of vehicle, Poisson’s distribution is used and mathematical equations are derived in this research work. The duration for which green light should alter/change exactly according to the number of vehicles present at the intersection has been derived from the mathematical analysis proposed in this method. To justify the mathematical analysis, simulation of heavy load scenario is done using software tools, and results shows that the proposed algorithm works efficiently and minimize the delay as compared to the pre-timed traffic signal. The proposed technique, by dynamically switching the traffic according to the prevailing traffic situation, helps to eliminate traffic congestion and delay to a large extent

Cite this Research Publication : Dr.SitadeviBharatula, Thomson Thampi, Abhishek M D, Anto Varghese, Murali Krishna, “Novel Mathematical Model for Traffic Signal System Using Adaptive Queue Length Model”, 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “SCIENCE AND INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING – 2021” (ICSIE - 2021)

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