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Optimized pair programming practices through PPPA

Publisher : International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Computational and Applied Sciences (IJETCAS)

Campus : Mysuru

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2014

Abstract : Pair programming is a technique by which two individuals collaborate to accomplish a single programming task. It is a good practice towards agile software development process. Pair programming increases the quality of the software product and achieves higher competitive benefits as compared to solo programming. Pair programming occurs when two programmers engage themselves in the development of software simultaneously at the same workstation. This results in lesser risks, higher productivity, enhances inter communication skills and improvement of technical expertise. This paper explores the benefits of pair programming and highlights the findings of a programming activity performed by students in a java lab. Furthermore, this paper has made a sincere attempt to present an analysis and has compiled the outcomes of pair programming methodology adopted in the lab with students as participants.

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