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Perceived Stress among Postnatal Mothers During Covid-19

Publication Type : Journal Article


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Campus : Kochi

School : College of Nursing

Year : 2022

Abstract : Stress is common among postnatal mothers due to different reasons. Postpartum stress is hailed as a driving force bring out by postpartum stressors (Hung 2001). Stress during childbearing period can have serious negative outcomes on the woman, and the new-born. It may lead to physiological -psychological effects also. This study objective was Methods: to assess the perceived stress in postnatal mothers and to and the association between perceived stress and selected socio demographic variable among postnatal mothers who are admitted in gynaecological wards in a tertiary care hospital, South India by quantitative approach with descriptive design among 60 mothers. The Perceived stress scale was administered to the participants. indicated that, 8.3% comes under the category Results of 'Low perceived stress', 83.3% comes under 'Moderate perceived stress', and only 8.3% comes under the 'High perceived stress'. Analysing the frequency distribution and the percentage, the contributing factors and its association with the selected demographic variables were found out performing the chi-square value (p value), the association of the selected demographic variables with the level of stress was done and it showed a statistical signicance with the 'Job of Husband' and 'Immunization status of the new born' in this study. Early identication and Conclusion: proper counselling of the mothers and their family regarding the identication of factors responsible for stress and keeping the new born immunized can be helpful to reduce the stress and anxiety.

Cite this Research Publication : Perceived stress among postnatal mothers during covid-19AbhiramiSajeev, DevikaVenugopal, Linda Varghese, Volume - 11 | Issue - 06 | June - 2022 | PRINT ISSN No. 2277 - 8179 | DOI : 10.36106/ijsr

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