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Perceived trigger factors and control measures among patients with asthma

Publisher : Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development

Campus : Kochi

School : College of Nursing

Year : 2019

Abstract : BackgroundAsthma patients have a high exposure to different allergens, but have little awareness concerning their specific trigger factors.MethodA quantitative approach using descriptive research design was conducted among 100 asthma patients were selected through convenience sampling. A trigger factor checklist and a semi-structured questionnaire regarding knowledge level on asthma control were administered. The data analysis was done by appropriate descriptive statistics and principal factor analysis.ResultsIn this study, 91% of asthma patients reported that home dust and mites was their major trigger factor, 66% of participants reported that once pre-sensitized to home dust mite it always triggered asthma attacks. The study revealed that home dust mites was the most predominant trigger factor identified in 45% of cases and other interrelated trigger factors noted are climate, pollen and stress/anxiety. We also found that 25% of participants had poor knowledge about asthma control. Majority of asthma patients were unable to pinpoint a specific trigger factors.ConclusionIf asthma patients can identify and avoid home dust/mites then majority of asthma sudden attacks can be prevented.

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