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Performance and emission characteristics of CRDI engine working on plastic oil

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : International conference AMMMT

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical

Year : 2016

Abstract : This research work is carried out to evaluate the effect of using diesel plastic oil blends in a CRDI diesel engine. This paper shows the potential of utilizing waste plastic oil extracted by pyrolysis of waste plastic as an alternative fuel for diesel engine. The plastic is not an ingredient component in environment due to the adhesive bond between their elements. The oil that can be removed from waste plastic contaminant is like inexhaustible energy resource. The plastic oil facilitate to reduce the obligation of fossil fuel as well as it can be used as an alternative fuel in engine without changing description of the engine as it can also be used in pure form or blended form. In this study the diesel engine is fuelled with plastic oil, diesel blends. The performance and emission characteristics is evaluated. The blends PO10,PO20 and PO30 are prepared on mass basis. The experimental results inferring that, thermal efficiency of all blends gradually decreases compare to diesel at all loading condition. CO emission is decreasing considerably with increasing the percentage of plastic oil in blends, NOX emission and CO2 emission is increasing slightly with increase in blends percentage and loads.

Cite this Research Publication : Divaker Shetty A.S., Ravishankar Shukla, presented a paper titled, “Performance and emission characteristics of CRDI engine working on plastic oil”,at an International conference AMMMT-2016,IJST,S.I.T,Tumkur on 24th Sept 2016.

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