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Performance study of thermo-electric generator

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics Inc.,

Source : AIP Conference Proceedings, American Institute of Physics Inc., Volume 1859 (2017)

Url :

ISBN : 9780735415331

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2017

Abstract : Devices like automobiles, stoves, ovens, boilers, kilns and heaters dissipate large amount of waste heat. Since most of this waste heat goes unused, the efficiency of these devices is drastically reduced. A lot of research is being conducted on the recovery of the waste heat, among which Thermoelectric Generators (TEG) is one of the popular method. TEG is a semiconductor device that produces electric potential difference when a thermal gradient develops on it. This paper deals with the study of performance of a TEG module for different hot surface temperatures. Performance characteristics used here are voltage, current and power developed by the TEG. One side of the TEG was kept on a hot plate where uniform heat flux was supplied to that. And the other side was cooled by supplying cold water. The results show that the output power increases significantly with increase in the temperature of the hot surface. © 2017 Author(s).

Cite this Research Publication : G. Rohit, Manaswini, D., Kotebavi, V., and Nagaraja S. R., “Performance study of thermo-electric Generator”, in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2017, vol. 1859.

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