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PR controller-based droop control strategy for AC microgrid using Ant Lion Optimization technique

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Energy Reports

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Year : 2023

Abstract : Microgrids are now an integral part of the modern power system to maintain the stability of the power distribution process. Ensuring the frequency and voltage stability in the autonomous mode is quite a challenging task indeed. These have now reached the extent of utilizing evolutionary intelligence techniques leading to the concept of intelligent microgrids. In this work, a novel droop control strategy is implemented with a proportional resonant controller, whose proportional gain is optimized by the Ant Lion Optimization algorithm (A.L.O). The efficacy of the A.L.O algorithm for its application in the primary level droop control for voltage stability is investigated in this work. The superiority of the A.L.O optimized PR controller over the conventional PI controller is compared in terms of error indices, timed domain specifications, speed of response, voltage regulation and T.H.D levels. It could ensure a higher speed of response, better voltage stability and higher power quality as against its PI counterpart. The performance of the proposed A.L.O optimized PR controller is validated by comparing it with the performance achieved by controllers tuned with two other algorithms namely, particle swarm optimization (P.S.O) and Satin bower bird optimization (S.B.O). The proposed controller could ensure better steady-state stability compared to the other two.

Cite this Research Publication : Nair, R.P., Kanakasabapathy, P., PR controller-based droop control strategy for AC microgrid using Ant Lion Optimization technique, Energy Reports, 2023.

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