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Prediction Model for a Good Learning Environment Usingan Ensemble Approach

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Computer Systems Science and Engineering

Source : Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 44(3), 2081-2093, August 2022, SCIE, Scopus

Url :

Campus : Chennai

School : School of Computing

Department : Computer Science and Engineering

Year : 2023

Abstract : This paper presents an efficient prediction model for a good learning environment using Random Forest (RF) classifier. It consists of a series of modules; data preprocessing, data normalization, data split and finally classification or prediction by the RF classifier. The preprocessed data is normalized using min- max normalization often used before model fitting. As the input data or variables are measured at different scales, it is necessary to normalize them to contribute equally to the model fitting. Then, the RF classifier is employed for course selection which is an ensemble learning method and k-fold cross-validation (k = 10) is used to validate the model. The proposed Prediction Model for Course Selection (PMCS) system is considered a multi-class problem that predicts the course for a particular learner with three complexity levels, namely low, medium and high. It is operated under two modes; locally and globally. The former considers the gender of the learner and the later does not consider the gender of the learner. The database comprises the learner opinions from 75 males and 75 females per category (low, medium and high). Thus the system uses a total of 450 samples to evaluate the performance of the PMCS system. Results show that the system’s performance, while using locally i.e., gender-wise has slightly higher performance than the global system. The RF classifier with 75 decision trees in the global system provides an average accuracy of 97.6%, whereas in the local system it is 97% (male) and 97.6% (female). The overall performance of the RF classifier with 75 trees is better than 25, 50 and 100 decision trees in both local and global systems.

Cite this Research Publication : 24. S.Subha and S.Baghavathi Priya,“Prediction Model for a Good Learning Environment Usingan Ensemble Approach”, Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 44(3), 2081-2093, August 2022, SCIE, Scopus,,,ImpactFactor:4.831

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