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Prevention of metabolic risks by Kalabhojanam strategy of Ayurveda

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : , Association of Ayurvedic Physicians of India

Source : Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine, Association of Ayurvedic Physicians of India, Volume 9, Issue 2, p.116–129 (2020)

Url :

Keywords : Ayurveda, Healthspan, Kalabhojanam, Metabolic syndrome, Time-Restricted Feeding

Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Ayurveda

Center : Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda

Year : 2020

Abstract : Metabolic risks are a global challenge. These risks are although modifiable by lifestyle, and physical activity to some extent, they are primarily related to dietary consumption. Considering a clear relationship of diet and metabolic risk factors, we hypothesised that an evidence-based, and widely applicable solution may be found in Ayurvedic dietetics. From among a large number of dietary strategies noted in Ayurveda classics, kalabhojanam—intake of food at a scheduled time, and not ad libitum—is suggested to be the best strategy to confer good health. Accordingly, using a novel methodology to provide fresh interpretation of known facts from Samhitas, scientific research on time-restricted feeding (TRF) and experiential knowledge, here we present the results of synthesis as usable knowledge for mass application. Results of this synthesis demonstrate the indispensable value of kalabhojanam for maintaining the metabolic health. In translating these findings for better health among the masses, care must be taken that while kalabhojanam has definite elements of scheduled feeding, but it is much more comprehensive than time-restricted feeding. Accordingly, it should be adopted in a comprehensive manner according to Ayurvedic insights presented in this analysis. This study brings out that because irregular eating patterns are detrimental to metabolic health, Kalabhojanam being a robust non-pharmaceutical strategy may be helpful in prevention of metabolic diseases.

Cite this Research Publication : N. Pandey Prakash, Mishra, V. Bali, Bhattacharya, B., Kumar, A., Raghuram, Y. S., Naik, B., Dadhich, M. Kumar, Ram Manohar P., Gopakumar, S., Tripathi, Y. Bhushan, Ojha, S. Narayan, Tomar, G. Singh, Tripathi, J. Shanker, Godatwar, P. Kumar, Nesari, T., Sharma, S., Khandel, S. Krishna, Baghel, M. Singh, Gaur, B. Lal, Rastogi, S., Kotecha, R., and Pandey, D. Narayan, “Prevention of metabolic risks by Kalabhojanam strategy of Ayurveda”, Annals of Ayurvedic Medicine, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 116–129, 2020.

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