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Production of Liquid fuels using Microreactor technology

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : AIChE National Conference

Source : AIChE National Conference, Nasheville, Tennesse, USA. (2009)

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Chemical

Year : 2009

Abstract : tilization of a micro-channel reactor for production of liquid fuels from synthesis gas has been shown to lead to substantial improvement in liquid productivity compared to conventional technology. The exceptional heat transfer characteristics of the catalytic micro-channel reactor allows for significantly higher operating temperatures without excess formation of methane. Experimental results are presented showing the effect of H2/CO ratio, temperature, pressure, and space velocity on the conversion and selectivity to liquid fuels on a cobalt catalyst using Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. A statistical analysis of these results is given indicating the primary and interaction effects for each of these variables. Also discussed are the catalyst deposition techniques employed and issues pertaining to the scale up of the micro-channel system.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Udaya Bhaskar Reddy Ragula, Dutta, S., Whitlow, J., and Elrod, H. Wright and, “Production of Liquid fuels using Microreactor technology”, in AIChE National Conference, Nasheville, Tennesse, USA., 2009.

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