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Prospection of chitosan and its derivatives in wound healing: Proof of patent analysis (2010–2020)

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Publisher : International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Source : International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Volume 184, p.701-712 (2021)

Url :

Keywords : biopolymer, chitosan, Chitosan derivatives, Patent analysis, Patent classification, Prospection

Campus : Kochi

School : Center for Nanosciences

Center : Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine Move, Nanosciences

Department : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Year : 2021

Abstract : Disruption in the normal anatomy and physiology of the skin often leads to wound formation. Its healing is a pretty complex and dynamic biological process with different phases. While there are many biopolymers (and their derivatives) for wound healing purposes. One of the most popular, promising, progressive and attention-grabbing biopolymers is ‘chitosan’. It is a polysaccharide biopolymer that has tremendous potential in augmenting the process of wound healing. Most importantly, the derivatives of chitosan have heavily attracted the scientific community's attention to employing them in various formulations for wound healing applications. The prime focus of the present review is to provide scientific and technological prospection about chitosan and its derivatives for wound healing activity, starting from 2010 to 2020. Besides, the review also focuses about toxicity, different formulations and products of chitosan that are currently under clinical trials for wound healing purposes are described. Through this review, we present evidence that abundantly confirms that there is a growing interest in the domain of wound healing using novel, inventive, useful and patent protected chitosan derivatives. We speculate the possibility of more patent protected chitosan derivatives in the future for wound healing applications.

Cite this Research Publication : Pradeep Shivakumar, Maram Suresh Gupta, Dr. Jayakumar Rangasamy, and Devegowda Vishakante Gowda, “Prospection of chitosan and its derivatives in wound healing: Proof of patent analysis (2010–2020)”, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, vol. 184, pp. 701-712, 2021.

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