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Quality of Life and Depression in Obese

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development

Source : Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, Volume 10, Number 9, p.266-270 (2019)

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Campus : Kochi

School : College of Nursing

Year : 2019

Abstract : Background: Health-related quality of life is emerging as an important outcome in obesity studies and has demonstrated a significant impairment in Quality of life (QoL). Depression is one of the common health consequences of overweight and obesity as per WHO. Objective: To find out correlation between depression and QoL among obese. Methods: Descriptive co relational study was conducted on 220 obese patients attending selected OPD’s/ obesity clinic of tertiary care hospital, Kerala, India. QoL was assessed using Rand Short Form (SF-36) scale and depression using Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9). Results: The mean QoL was found to be slightly above average (50.86 +/- 12.48). Of the eight domains of QoL assessed, the mean score was poor in General health (37.76), role limitations due to emotional problems (43.97) and relatively better in pain (60.88) and social function (56.37). The QoL in mental components (49.43+/-13.68) was found to be poor than the physical component (54.4+/-20.09). Major depression was found in 51 (23.20%) of patients. A moderate negative correlation was observed between QoL and depression (r = -0.502 p value <0.001) Conclusion: The study findings highlight poor QoL especially in the mental component of obese patients. The statistically significant negative correlation found between depression and QoL in obese is a concern and needs further exploration.,

Cite this Research Publication : Prof. Moly K. T., Shajan, S., and Johny, S., “Quality of Life and Depression in Obese”, Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, vol. 10, pp. 266-270, 2019.

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