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Recasting Sino-Indian Relations: Towards a Closer Development Partnership

Publisher : Strategic Analysis

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Business

Year : 2015

Abstract : pSino-Indian relations were governed by concerns about an unsound bilateral bonhomie, internal as well as external strategic and political considerations, and in addition, national interests and priorities not necessarily oriented towards pacifying the bilateral relations. The change in leadership presented a golden opportunity for refiguring the India–China relationship in terms of mutual economic gains, crafting a durable framework to deal with their border dispute, marking the culmination of a great deal of proactive diplomacy and planning by both governments in a short period of time and thereby giving a new dynamism to the bilateral relationship. The sustained progress in the multifarious strategic issues such as trade deficit, border disputes and investment has eventually built trust between the two nations. This article explores how both nations have continued their efforts with a series of important cooperation initiatives in the areas of economy, culture, trade and borders to achieve peaceful cooperation and inclusive development for the benefit of two peoples in particular and in the interest of peace and stability in the world in general. © 2015 Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses./p

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