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Role of Actinomycete-Mediated Nanosystem in Agriculture

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Springer

Source : Springer

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Agricultural Sciences

Year : 2016

Abstract : Actinobacteria are a group of microorganisms sharing the common behaviour of both bacteria and fungi known to play a multifunctional role in agricultural production systems. The major functions include the production of a wide array of growth-promoting compounds and metabolites including antibiotics that provide the host plants to withstand both biotic and abiotic stress conditions. Consequently, actinobacteria are often employed as a biocontrol agent (BCA) against dreadful plant pathogens. Further, actinobacteria colonized host plants and elute growth-promoting substances that assist in favouring stimulated growth of plants even under harsh environmental conditions such as nutrient deficiencies, drought, salinity and heavy metal contaminated soils. Several actinobacteria are involved in the nutrient solubilization and mobilization particularly phosphates and iron besides facilitating as helper bacteria in mycorrhizal symbiosis and biological nitrogen fixation. These groups of organisms also are responsible for the production of a volatile compound called “geosmin” which often referred as a biological indicator of soil fertility. Recently, large volume of research reports suggest that actinobacteria are capable of producing metal oxide nanoparticles that can be exploited in the green synthesis of nanomaterials and utilized in biological systems. Overall, the multifunctionality of actinobacteria makes this group of microorganisms very unique, and their potentials are yet to be exploited. This book chapter highlights the potential role of actinobacteria in growth promotion, biocontrol, alleviation of abiotic stresses and biosynthesis of metal oxide nanoparticles.

Cite this Research Publication : Subramanian, K.S., Muniraj, I., Uthandi, S. Role of actinomycete-mediated nanosystem in agriculture.2016.Springer.

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