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Serum vitamin D levels in Indian patients with multiple sclerosis

Publisher : Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Neurology, Biochemistry

Year : 2013

Abstract : Low serum vitamin D level has an increased association with risk of multiple sclerosis (MS).There has been no published data on the levels of this vitamin in Indian population with MS. Hence we decided to undertake this study to document if there is evidence of vitamin D deficiency in patients with MS in our population. 26 patients with diagnosis of MS by modified Mc Donald's criteria were enrolled in this study. Serum vitamin D (1,25 hydroxy) levels were measured by electro-chemiluminescence in our biochemistry lab. An age-matched control group of 202 patients who did not have a diagnosis of MS were included. In our study group 76.9 % had vitamin D level less than 20 ng/ml compared to 65.5 % of control group (p value of 0.019). Our study revealed a trend towards low vitamin D values in Indian MS patients. © 2012 Association of Clinical Biochemists of India.

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