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Silicon Quantum Dots: Promising Theranostic Probes for the Future.

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Curr Drug Targets

Source : Curr Drug Targets, Volume 20, Issue 12, p.1255-1263 (2019)

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Keywords : Drug Delivery Systems, Humans, Quantum dots, Regenerative medicine, Silicon, Theranostic Nanomedicine, tissue engineering

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Pharmacy

Department : Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Analysis

Year : 2019

Abstract : Nanotechnology has emerged as one of the leading research areas involving nanoscale manipulation of atoms and molecules. During the past decade, the growth of nanotechnology has been one of the most important developments that have taken place in the biomedical field. The new generation nanomaterials like Quantum dots are gaining much importance. Also, there is a growing interest in the development of nano-theranostics platforms in medical diagnostics, biomedical imaging, drug delivery, etc. Quantum dots are also known as nanoscale semiconductor crystals, with unique electronic and optical properties. Recently, silicon quantum dots are being studied extensively due to their less-toxic, inert nature and ease of surface modification. The silicon quantum dots (2-10nm) are comparatively stable, having optical properties of silicon nanocrystals. This review focuses on silicon quantum dots and their various biomedical applications like drug delivery regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Also, the processes involved in their modification for various biomedical applications along with future aspects are discussed.

Cite this Research Publication : V. Sankar Sivasankarapillai, Jose, J., Shanavas, M. Salman, Marathakam, A., Uddin, M. Sahab, and Bijo Mathew, “Silicon Quantum Dots: Promising Theranostic Probes for the Future.”, Curr Drug Targets, vol. 20, no. 12, pp. 1255-1263, 2019.

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