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Simulation study of micro fluidic device for biosensor application

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Source : Materials Today: Proceedings 46 (2021): 3158-3163

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Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electronics and Communication

Year : 2021

Abstract : The word sensors have got huge importance in the modern world as they detect and analyse the data acquired from the physical world. Nowadays biosensors are used in hospitals as well as in houses for diagnosing medical conditions of a patient. The biosensors are used to detect biological or physicochemical information of a patient. The basic components of the biosensor include a transducer and a receptor. Here in this work, a biosensor model was designed and simulated using the software COMSOL Multiphysics. The flow parameters are identified using a convection micro fluidic device which was extended to the concept for biosensor simulation to know the characteristics of the body fluids. Micro fluids in biosensors will react with the biological components of a patient and the resulting signals are detected by the use transducer. The convection biosensor simulation was performed to find the concentration of adsorbed species in the fluids. The basic model of micro fluidic device with three inlets filled with water was simulated. Convection region of analyte molecule from one inlet and convection region of analyte molecule from two inlets were studied in detail. It was observed that, the flow velocity of the solvent decreases due to more concentration of the solute. The proposed model of biosensor can be used to find out the concentration of urine in blood or vice versa depending on the application like dialysis or blood testing. This can be further used to check the abnormal level of harmful impurities in the blood that affects the body. The study shows that, the convection sensor with one inlet flow is useful for the modelling biosensor. The data obtained from the simulation can be used for the hardware implementation in future.

Cite this Research Publication : "Simulation study of micro fluidic device for biosensor application." Materials Today: Proceedings 46 (2021): 3158-3163

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