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Smart Cane for Visually Impaired Person

Publication Type : Conference Proceedings

Source : 2021 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (IEEE CONIT 2021), K. L. E. Institute of Technology, Hubballi (2021)

Campus : Bengaluru

Year : 2021

Abstract : Blindness is a state of lack of visual perception, which leads to the inability to see anything, including light. Complete blindness is the total absence of light, but partial blindness represents the lack of integration in the growth of the optic nerve or visual center of the eye. In some cases lens, occupied glasses will help to improve partial blindness. Low vision cannot be corrected by visual aids such as glasses and contacts. In those situations, it is too difficult to find or detect obstacles in front of them, which makes it dangerous. They need some aid to feel safe while navigating. Conventional Blind canes are widely used for assistance, but it has too many limitations. Thus the current scenario needs a technologically developed cane. Thus, Smart cane comes as a proposed solution for visually impaired people. In this experimental work, we implanted a simple, economical, and user-friendly smart blind guidance system. This system is designed to improve the mobility of both visually impaired and blind people, and to remove the curse of blindness, to make them self-dependent to do their daily routines. The proposed work includes the design of a lightweight adaptable cane with multiple sensors connected to an Arduino board, along with a handle head and sticks elongator. A conventional white cane forms the main base frame of the device, ultrasonic and infrared sensors are mounted at appropriate locations to detect obstacles and it can scan a predetermined area, both known and unknown locations around blind by emitting-reflecting waves with the help of that blind stick. The equipped sensors send signals to an Arduino programmed board, which communicates with the alarm unit that comprises a buzzer and vibrator and gives some recorded audio clips to navigate the blind people safely. An audio jack is also available in the blind cane whose presence is not found in other conventional canes. The system can also control the peripheral components that alert the user about the obstacle’s shape, material, and direction. The device is lightweight and is been powered by a battery. Thus the system is easy to use and is an innovative reasonably priced solution to blind and visually impaired people. The power consumption is too low, and the stick is economic over the conventional one.

Cite this Research Publication : V. I., K, P. B., S, S. Y. H. V., and Y., K., “Smart Cane for Visually Impaired Person”, in 2021 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (IEEE CONIT 2021), K. L. E. Institute of Technology, Hubballi, 2021.

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