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Spatio-Temporal Querying in Smart Spaces

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : ANT-2012

Source : Proc. of 3rd International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2012), Elsevier Science, Volume 10, Ontario, Canada, p.366–373 (2012)

Url :

Keywords : Abstract framework, Biometrics, CLP(R), Data Model, Precision, Recall, Recognition, Retrieval, Smart Spaces, Spatio-temporal Queries

Campus : Amritapuri, Kochi

School : Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Business, School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2012

Abstract : A ‘smart space’ is one that automatically identifies and tracks its occupants using unobtrusive biometric modalities such as face, gait, and voice in an unconstrained fashion. Information retrieval in a smart space is concerned with information about the location of people at various points in time. Towards this end, we abstract a smart space by a probabilistic state transition system in which each state records the probabilities of presence of a set of individuals who are present in various zones of the smart space. We formulate a data model based upon an occupancy relation with a real-valued probability attribute and describe some of the spatio-temporal queries in SQL and CLP(R), focusing on the computation of probabilities, an aspect that is novel to this model. We define concepts of precision and recall to quantify the performance of this model based on its ability to answer various spatio-temporal queries and discuss results from our experimental prototype.

Cite this Research Publication : Dr. Vivek Menon, Jayaraman, B., and Govindaraju, V., “Spatio-Temporal Querying in Smart Spaces”, in Proc. of 3rd International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2012), Ontario, Canada, 2012, vol. 10, pp. 366–373

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