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Speech and Kinova Arm-Based Interactive System with Person Tracking

Publication Type : Conference Paper

Publisher : Springer, Singapore

Source : Springer, Singapore, 2021

Url :

Campus : Amritapuri

Center : Humanitarian Technology (HuT) Labs

Year : 2021

Abstract : This paper presents the integrated module of speech, person detection, and an assistive robotic arm. This whole project is developed in Linux Ubuntu 16.04 using robot operating system (ROS) platform in which the kinetic version is used. Speech to text and text to speech code is developed using Google API. Person detection is performed using lidar using a Kalman filter and global nearest neighbor data association algorithms. Assistive robotic arm package of Kinova Jaco is used. An external microphone is used to record the voice of a person, and RPLiDAR is used to detect, track persons, and to predict estimated 3D coordinates of a person in real time. This is an autonomous model with no manual control by any other persons, it is also a fixed system where both lidar and Kinova arm base are fixed to a table, and it can work efficiently when a person is at a distance below the 1.2 m to both lidar and arm.

Cite this Research Publication : Megalingam, R.K., Sree, G., Reddy, G.M., Krishna, I.S., Pai, S.S., Tanmayi, B. (2021). Speech and Kinova Arm-Based Interactive System with Person Tracking. In: Smys, S., Palanisamy, R., Rocha, Á., Beligiannis, G.N. (eds) Computer Networks and Inventive Communication Technologies. Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, vol 58. Springer, Singapore.

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