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Street Food Nostalgia and COVID-19 Perceptions on Street Food Desire

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Scopus Indexed

Source : Current Issues in Tourism

Url :

Campus : Amaravati

School : School of Business

Year : 2023

Abstract : With COVID-19 paralyzing street food businesses, street food vendors are trying to sustain their operations. The current study helps them by identifying the importance of five prominent stimuli viz. authenticity, quality, staff-service, ambience, and value for money in developing desire for street food in individuals in India. Furthermore, the study contributes by identifying the role of street food nostalgia (as a mediator) and perceived risk of COVID-19, age, and gender (as moderators) on the direct impact of each stimulus on the desire for street food. The study uses partial least squares path modelling to validate the hypotheses using SmartPLS. The findings are comparable to other developing Asian countries, as the proposed associations are validated with perceptual responses from three prominent cities and well-known street food destinations in India. The study showed the relative importance of the five-stimuli based on the stimulus-organism-response framework in developing a desire for street food. The findings suggest partial to complete mediation of street food nostalgia across the three samples. Lastly, the perceived risk of COVID-19 along with age and gender emerged as prominent moderators for many of the direct effects of stimuli on desires for street food.

Cite this Research Publication : Das, P., Mandal, S., Dubey, R., Nagra, T. & Dixit, S. (2023). "Street Food Nostalgia and COVID-19 Perceptions on Street Food Desire". Current Issues in Tourism, DOI:, 2023.

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