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Study of graphene epoxy composites and its recent development in nano science

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier

Source : Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier (2020)

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Keywords : Carbon fibers, Graphene, Hybrid composites, Mechanical properties, Photoelectron spectroscopy

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2020

Abstract : The recent development in graphene had a great impact on the physical and chemical properties of any metals or epoxy composites. Our idea is to form a graphene composite that exhibits optimized properties and characters that meet the requirement of the industry field. This paper is a study about properties of graphene when coated with other metals and the application study of graphene with Nanotechnology. Our aim in this project is to fabricate a graphene-based composite that differs the functional and physical properties of the element based on the specific application of radio wave control that protects the human form being affected. Thus, this application can be achieved through coating the graphene on the required element which results in graphene epoxy composite. Various researches were made on this field, yet the application-based survey is still in progress. Thus, we decided to fabricate the epoxy composites based on graphene oxidation.

Cite this Research Publication : T. Sankaramoorthy, A Bharathi, B. Krishna, K. G. Thirugnanasambantham, and Karthikeyan, R., “Study of graphene epoxy composites and its recent development in nano science”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020.

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