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Synthesis, Characterization and Rate Capability Performance of the Micro-porous MnOinf2/inf Nanowires as Cathode Material in Lithium Batteries

Publisher : Materials Research Bulletin

Year : 2015

Abstract : A peculiar architecture of one-dimensional MnOinf2/inf nanowires was synthesized by an optimized hydrothermal route and has been lucratively exploited to fabricate highly efficient microporous electrode overlays for lithium batteries. These fabricated electrodes comprised of interconnected nanoscale units with wire-shaped profile which exhibits high aspect ratio in the order of 102. Their outstanding intercalation/de-intercalation prerogatives have also been studied to fabricate lithium coin cells which revealed a significant specific capacity and power density of 251 mAh g-1 and 200 W kg-1, respectively. A detailed electrochemical study was performed to elucidate how surface morphology and redox reaction behaviors underlying these electrodes influence the cyclic behavior of the electrode. Rate capability tests at different C-rates were performed to evaluate the capacity and cycling performance of these coin cells. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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