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Synthesis of Al LM25/TiC Composite Using Squeeze Casting Method and Investigation of its Mechanical and Adhesive Wear properties

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Materials Today: Proceedings

Source : Materials Today: Proceedings, Volume 5, Issue 5, Part 2, p.12681 - 12692 (2018)

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Keywords : Adhesive wear, Aluminium alloy, Mechanical properties, Squeeze casting, Titanium carbide

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Mechanical Engineering

Year : 2018

Abstract : LM25 reinforced with 10 wt.% Titanium Carbide was fabricated using squeeze casting technique and a cylindrical specimen with dimensions of 50 mm diameter and 150 mm length was obtained. The cast composite specimen was subjected to hardness and tensile test using Vicker’s hardness tester and Universal Testing Machine respectively. The hardness and tensile test results revealed 129 HV and 143 MPa respectively. Microstructural analysis was done and uniform distribution of reinforcement particles was observed in the matrix. Dry sliding wear experiments were conducted using pin-on-disc tribometer based on Taguchi’s L27 orthogonal array by varying process parameters such as load (15, 25, 35N), sliding distance (750,1250,1750m) and sliding velocity (1.5m/s, 2.5m/s, 3.5m/s). Signal-to-Noise ratio and Analysis of Variance were used to find out the most influential process parameter. The results revealed that the wear rate increases as applied load increases and it decreases as sliding velocity and sliding distance increases. Load was found to be the most dominating parameter (54.2%) followed by sliding velocity (8.5%) and sliding distance (2.6%). Interaction between wear parameters also had a significant effect on wear rate. Regression model was developed and validated with confirmation experiments with minimum error. Worn surfaces were examined using Scanning Electron Microscope and severe delamination was observed at maximum load.

Cite this Research Publication : C. Magaacibhi Athev, J. Nithin Alistar, and Dr. Radhika N, “Synthesis of Al LM25/TiC Composite Using Squeeze Casting Method and Investigation of its Mechanical and Adhesive Wear properties”, Materials Today: Proceedings, vol. 5, no. 5, Part 2, pp. 12681 - 12692, 2018.

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