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System and Method to Develop Health-Care Information Systems

Publication Type : Patents

Publisher : Healthcare Charities, Inc

Source : United States Patent, Healthcare Charities, Inc., Castro Valley, CA, Number 10/799,042 , US (2011)

Campus : Kochi

Verified : Yes

Year : 2011

Abstract : A method of and a system for development of health care information Systems (HIS) are disclosed. The method includes providing software programming interfaces for development of application modules, communication interfaces for establishing communication between various modules, and resource management interfaces for allocation of resources such as memory. The system comprises of a server with a health care middleware operating system (HMOS). The HMOS is designed as a multi-tier architecture with 3 tiers namely, application tier, domain services tier, and Foundations tier.

Cite this Research Publication : P. Padmakshan Achan, “System and Method to Develop Health-Care Information Systems”, U.S. Patent 10/799,042 2011.

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