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Textbook Of Digital Electronics

Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Engineering

Department : Computer Science

Year : 2013

Abstract : The book Digital Electronics is a collection of all topics which begins from the basic electronics consisting of Boolean Algebra, converting a real time circuit into its corresponding digital form (Boolean expression) by using Karnaugh maps to ladders, shift registers, multi vibrators, ADC, DAC, digital communication. The objective of writing this book is to provide the readers all the topics which could come under digital electronics in a nut shell, thus making the book user-friendly for the readers who are not even aware of what digital electronics is all about. Also, the other distinct features of this book are the readers are provided with examples covering all possibilities to make them cognizant of the wide range of digital electronics. Henceforth, the readers will get an idea of how to think laterally a concept. Also, sufficient review questions and exercise questions with their answer are given to provoke the thinking process of the readers. Ample amount of key points to remember are given for the readers to quickly list out the points read in a chapter. There is a very idiosyncratic feature of this book which is, some concepts are dealt using pictures, figures and tabulation with an intent that basically for human beings, pictorial representation stands for a long time in memory than those explained with words. This will make the reader feel like entering into a comic world full of technical jargons, realising, understanding and enjoying each technical concept in a different way.

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