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Thakur’s iterative scheme for approximating common fixed points to a pair of relatively nonexpansive mappings

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Journal of Mathematics

Source : Journal of Mathematics, 2022, (2022).

Url :

Campus : Coimbatore

Year : 2022

Abstract : In this work, we propose the three-step Thakur iterative process associated with two mappings in the setting of Banach space. Using this Thakur iteration, we approximate a common fixed point for a pair of noncyclic, relatively nonexpansive mappings. And we support our main result with a numerical example. Also, we give a stronger version of our main result by using von Neumann sequences. Finally, we provide some corollaries on the convergence of common best proximity points in uniformly convex Banach space.

Cite this Research Publication : Gopi, R., V. Pragadeeswarar,M. De La Sen, Thakur’s Iterative Scheme for Approximating Common Fixed Points to a Pair of Relatively Nonexpansive Mappings, Journal of Mathematics, 2022, (2022).

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