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Theranostic 3-Dimensional Nano Brain-Implant for Prolonged and Localized Treatment of Recurrent Glioma

Publication Type : Journal Article

Thematic Areas : Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

Publisher : Scientific Reports

Source : Scientific Reports, Volume 7, p.43271 (2017)

Url :

Keywords : Animals, Antineoplastic Agents, Brain Neoplasms, Cell Line, Dacarbazine, Delayed-Action Preparations, Disease Models, Animal, Drug Carriers, Glioma, Humans, Nanofibers, Neoplasm Recurrence, Local, Rats, Wistar, Survival Analysis, temozolomide, Theranostic Nanomedicine

Campus : Kochi

School : Center for Nanosciences

Center : Nanosciences

Department : Nanosciences

Year : 2017

Abstract : Localized and controlled delivery of chemotherapeutics directly in brain-tumor for prolonged periods may radically improve the prognosis of recurrent glioblastoma. Here, we report a unique method of nanofiber by fiber controlled delivery of anti-cancer drug, Temozolomide, in orthotopic brain-tumor for one month using flexible polymeric nano-implant. A library of drug loaded (20 wt%) electrospun nanofiber of PLGA-PLA-PCL blends with distinct in vivo brain-release kinetics (hours to months) were numerically selected and a single nano-implant was formed by co-electrospinning of nano-fiber such that different set of fibres releases the drug for a specific periods from days to months by fiber-by-fiber switching. Orthotopic rat glioma implanted wafers showed constant drug release (116.6 μg/day) with negligible leakage into the peripheral blood (100 ng) rendering ~1000 fold differential drug dosage in tumor versus peripheral blood. Most importantly, implant with one month release profile resulted in long-term (4 month) survival of 85.7% animals whereas 07 day releasing implant showed tumor recurrence in 54.6% animals, rendering a median survival of only 74 days. In effect, we show that highly controlled drug delivery is possible for prolonged periods in orthotopic brain-tumor using combinatorial nanofibre libraries of bulk-eroding polymers, thereby controlling glioma recurrence.

Cite this Research Publication : R. Ramachandran, Junnuthula, V. Reddy, G Gowd, S., Ashokan, A., Thomas, J., Peethambaran, R., Thomas, A., Unni, A. Kodakara K., Panikar, D., Shantikumar V Nair, and Dr. Manzoor K., “Theranostic 3-Dimensional Nano Brain-Implant for Prolonged and Localized Treatment of Recurrent Glioma”, Scientific Reports, vol. 7, p. 43271, 2017.

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