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Tissue is issue: Not all masses are tumors

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : American Journal of Case Reports

Source : American Journal of Case Reports, Volume 13, p.51-54 (2012)

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Keywords : abnormal laboratory result, adult, airway obstruction, article, bronchoscopy, bronchus biopsy, bronchus tumor, clinical article, clinical examination, clinical feature, computer assisted tomography, contrast enhancement, controlled study, coughing, decreased appetite, dyspnea, endobronchial tumor like presentation of tuberculosis, epithelioid cell, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ethambutol, female, follow up, granuloma, human, human tissue, isoniazid, Langhans giant cell, male, pleura effusion, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, thoracotomy, thorax radiography, treatment outcome, Tuberculosis, weight reduction

Campus : Kochi

School : School of Medicine

Department : Pulmonary Medicine

Year : 2012

Abstract : Background: Tuberculosis can disguise itself in any form. Endobronchial tuberculosis usually presents in young adults. Endobronchial tumor-like presentation of tuberculosis (EBTB) is very rare and often mistaken as a malignancy. Diagnosis is usually delayed, as clinical and radiological features are nonspecifc. Direct implantation of tubercle bacilli into the bronchus, or an adjacent spread, leads to EBTB. Bronchoscopic biopsy and culture are the best modality for diagnosis. Care Reports: We present a series of endobronchial tumor-like presentations of EBTB. Clinically and radiologi-cally, they were similar in presentation to an endobronchial tumor. One of them had rib erosion on bone scan. Repeated bronchoscopic biopsies were non-conclusive and required more invasive procedures for diagnosis. All of them are diagnosed as endobronchial tuberculosis, either histo-pathology or by culture that grew mycobacterium tuberculosis, and were successfully treated with anti-tuberculous treatment alone, without residual scarring. Conclusions: Tuberculosis should be consideredin the differential diagnosis of endobronchial mass lesions in the correct clinical setting since this is an uncommon presentation for which invasive procedures are needed to establish the diagnosis. Initially, it was mistaken as a malignancy and there was delay in diagnosis and initiation of treatment. Prompt treatment is crucial to avert residual bronchostenosis. © Am J Case Rep 2012.

Cite this Research Publication : V. R. Patel, Viswam, D., Rajesh, V., Nagrajan, A., Seema, K., and Babu, S., “Tissue is issue: Not all masses are tumors”, American Journal of Case Reports, vol. 13, pp. 51-54, 2012.

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