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Trauma of shared past in Avni Doshi’s Girl in White Cotton

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : International Journal of Health Sciences

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Campus : Amritapuri

School : School of Arts and Sciences

Year : 2022

Abstract : Voicing the unvoiced thoughts of the human psyche and human demeanour finds its appropriate representation in literature through explorative narratives. Literature represents an unsettling, tenebrous side of human existence that has been tainted by trauma DQG SDLQ 7KH WHUP ¥WUDXPDµ LV GHULYHG IURP D *UHHN word which means "wound" or "infiltration." Trauma becomes a metaphor for the struggles and demanding situations of latetwentieth-century life in a society captivated by suffering and victimization. Literature plays an important part in depicting human experiences, emotions, and representations of conventional trauma tales. Motherhood is the most significant and heavenly duty in a woman's life. Throughout childhood, a child is constantly exposed to his or her surroundings, from which they acquire their first lessons. As a result, a mother's relationship with her child during childhood has a significant influence on the child's future behaviour. Trauma is a psychological wound inflicting the mind, causing long-term damaging effects. A child's trauma symbolises a multitude of circumstances, including abandonment and maltreatment. It had a bitter experience in its previous incarnation, that lasts for the rest of LWV OLIH$YQL'RVKL·VGirl in White Cotton explores the inner trauma of central female characters Tara and Antara, as well as motherdaughter relationships. Avni Doshi describes Antara's experiences growing up without any affection, care, or love from her mother, Tara, 8865 who abandons her husband to follow a Baba in an ashram. Tara is unable to provide Antara with even the most basic sense of support and security that a mother can provide. The novel explores the consequences of childhood trauma as well as Antara's struggle to reconcile with the past, which haunts her relentlessly. Trauma exacerbates a person's experience of alienation and isolation, both of which are unpleasant and staggering to their life. Antara's trauma is exacerbated by Tara's loss of memory and her misfortunes, and she suffers from alienation, which was a part of her early childhood. This paper delves into the inner traumas of primary characters Tara and Antara as they attempt to reconcile the realities of the present with the torturous recollections of the past.

Cite this Research Publication : Parvathy R, Sri Lakshmi Sajeev, and Silpa S, Trauma of shared past in Avni Doshi's Girl in White Cotton, published in the journal, International Journal of Health Sciences ( IJHS) ISSN: 2550 -6978.

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