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Triple-Matrix Product-Based 2D Systolic Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform

Publication Type : Journal Article

Publisher : Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing

Source : Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, Volume 34 (2015)

Url :

Campus : Bengaluru

School : School of Engineering

Department : Electrical and Electronics

Year : 2015

Abstract : Realization of \(N\) -point discrete Fourier transform (DFT) using one-dimensional or two-dimensional systolic array structures has been developed for power of two DFT sizes. DFT algorithm, which can be represented as a triple-matrix product, can be realized by decomposing \(N\) into smaller lengths. Triple-matrix product form of representation enables to map the \(N\) -point DFT on a 2D systolic array. In this work, an algorithm is developed and is mapped to a two-dimensional systolic structure where DFT size can be non-power of two. The proposed work gives flexibility to choose \(N\) for an application where \(N\) is a composite number. The total time required to compute \(N\) -point DFT is \(2(N_{1}-1)+N_{2}+N\) for any \(N=N_{1}N_{2}\) . The array can be used for matrix-matrix multiplication and also to compute the diagonal elements of triple-matrix multiplication for other applications. The proposed architecture produces in-order stream of DFT sequence at the output avoiding need for reordering buffer. Large sized DFT can be computed by repeatedly using the proposed systolic array architecture.

Cite this Research Publication : I. Mamatha, TSB, S., Tripathi, S., and Bhattar, N., “Triple-Matrix Product-Based 2D Systolic Implementation of Discrete Fourier Transform”, Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing, vol. 34, 2015.

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