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Tuberculosis of knee region in children: a series of eight cases

Publication Type : Journal Article

Source : Trop Doct. 2014;44(1):29-32.

Url :,spread%20of%20the%20TB%20focus.

Campus : Faridabad

Year : 2014

Abstract : Our study retrospectively reviewed the presentation, healing response, and functional results of eight cases of unilateral knee tuberculosis in children. The patients were evaluated for pain, instability, deformity, range of motion, and limb length discrepancy. Seven cases presented radiologically with Kerri and Martini’s stage 1 or 2 and one in stage 4. Epiphyseal involvement was present in five cases. At final follow-up, all the knees were painless and stable. A full range of motion was recovered in the early stages. Limb length discrepancy was seen in six cases. Radiologically, despite clinical healing, the lytic lesions persisted for longer. Joint space was not reduced in seven cases at the initial presentation which was maintained following treatment. In the early stages, multidrug chemotherapy alone is sufficient and joints should be mobilized early in order to prevent stiffness. The lytic epiphyseal and metaphyseal cavities may persist for several months even after successful treatment. Limb length discrepancy is a common complication of knee tuberculosis in children.

Cite this Research Publication : Kant KS, Agarwal A, Suri T, Gupta N, Verma I, Shaharyar A. Tuberculosis of knee region in children: a series of eight cases. Trop Doct. 2014;44(1):29-32.

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