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Understand Electrical Safety – Electric Shock, Arc Flash & applicable regulations

Publication Type : Journal Article

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Campus : Coimbatore

School : School of Business

Year : 2016

Abstract : This presentation can be used to train young engineers on the basic concepts on electrical safety which includes electric shock, Arc Flash and applicable regulations (applicable in India, Europe, US etc.,). A very basic analogy is used for understanding the fundamental elements (Voltage, Current & Resistance) of electric engineering. A comparison of AC (Alternate Current) & DC (Direct Current) with respect to safety is discussed. A table illustrating the different voltage levels and their application along with the effects when exposed to that voltage and applicable legal requirement or skill level requirement to handle maintenance and operation is discussed. Other electrical safety topics like arc flash with an case study is used to illustrate the need for precaution and adherence to the safety requirements is used. Hope this would be helpful for the academic community to train their students on electrical safety.

Cite this Research Publication : Somasundaram Balasubramaniam "Understand Electrical Safety - Electric Shock, Arc Flash & applicable regulations", January 2016

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